good-bye 2011

It's the end of 2011 already, and I have nothing much to say. It's been a good year; not too great, not too terrible. Although, we did say good-bye to our wonderful Cosmo cat on December 15th and that's left a mighty huge emptiness around here. But that may be the subject of another, eventual post.

the iphone as songwriting companion

The iPhone has streamlined the writing process for me, in both the capturing of ideas and in their organization. It's great to have one handheld device that's always with me and that can serve an increasingly useful purpose. In this post, I outline my basic process in hopes that it might give you some idea of the capabilities, and perhaps inspire you to begin streamlining your own creative process.

adventures in sound #1

I recently attended an event that included the playing of crystal bowls, and found that the frequencies of certain bowls - each associated with one of our chakras - especially when played together, though not simultaneously, stirred great emotion and curiosity within me.