and what’s wrong with that?

You think that people would have had enough of silly love songs. I've never particularly been a fan. I mean sure, they're very nice and everything, but after a while it all sounds the same, and besides, there are plenty of other topics to explore that might offer something new to think about, eh? Meh, I'm a heartless old fool…but it wasn't always this way.

elvis is everywhere

If Elvis is everywhere, it stands to reason that he could be the dancing guest making a mess in your kitchen, or the burglar who does a little jig for your cats as he sneaks around pilfering your house...or even an angel of death come hovering and doing the Twist above your bed while beckoning you into the great hereafter.

jonathan livingstone, i presume

I've been playing with my computer lately, and I was having fun writing out little parts for piano and then assigning them to other instruments - a bagpipe, for instance - just to see what it would sound like. Well, this got me thinking it might be fun to try to piece together a song by writing and recording the parts on one instrument and then assigning the part to another, and then try to piece something somewhat coherent out of it all.

and i will lay my love around you

Nodding musically to Eno, and mangling the writings of Evelyn Underhill, I became inspired recently to try my own hand at writing something hymnal yet contemporary, something that acknowledged my perception of the "All That Is" and gave it its due gratitude. Something reverent yet upbeat, that still allowed me to play my gnat guitar, which appears about midway through this song. Yes, Charlotte…gnats are beautiful too.