golden apple heart

So I’ve started a new, hopefully on-going project: Instagrambient! Inspired by a Disquiet project called Instagr/am/bient: 25 Sonic Postcards – in which the participants created short ambient pieces to go along with various Instagram photos – I’m attempting to create quick musical and video pieces of an ambient or experimental nature within Instagram’s 15-second video framework, and then post them to my Instagram account.

I’ve also set up an Instant Ambient Tumblr to gather them all together in one place.

The idea at present is to use only iOS devices and apps for the pieces, which at this time limits me to NanoStudio & Garageband for music, and iMovie, AvFX and Instagram on my iPhone. I’d love to get an iPad and play with other apps too, so hopefully that’ll be a development.

I’ve considered setting time constraints here for putting each piece together – probably no more than an hour from start to finish (which includes recording & editing both music and images), but since I’m just starting we’ll have to see how that goes and what adjustments I’ll make to everything.

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Golden Apple Heart #instagrambient

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2 thoughts on “golden apple heart

    1. Ha, thanks Joe! Now I’ve just wasted an hour checking out that page and wishing I were … not necessarily stoned, but beautiful Jimi.


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